This section is where me, Madness and kiwiman will share with you guys some very cool maps. It may be puzzle map or a map which we are playing right now.

Pirate's Cove (Puzzle Map)
Description by the owner of the map:You're ready to descend into the Pirate's Cove that has been lost for many years. It may contain unimaginable treasures, but don't expect it to be easy... The pirate that owned this treasure's name was Beakon. Beakon was obsessed with explosions and flying things, therefore he loved arrows and TNT. He killed himself, his crew, and his family because of it and hid away his treasures thinking he'd still be alive to see them one day..

This is the final version, I had fun with this map. There are modes in the game though going Easy - Hardcore. Easy is just very easy to say the least. Medium is a big difference in difficulty from easy - played at least 2 weeks recommended. Hard is pretty hard - 1 month playing recommended. Hardcore is for PROS ONLY, I would only suggest attempting this if you're an extreme pro.
Description from people played this game: This map is filled with booby traps ,tnt and many more. A great game for single player as well as multiplayer too.

Objective: Reach the deepest part of the puzzle map

Download links

Easy mode :'
Normal mode:'
Hard mode:'
Hardcore mode:'s_ ...

Instructions for installing the map on your game
-Download any one of the link above and locate them
-Unzip the file ( For me, its already unzipped)
-Drag the unzip file to the minecraft saves folder (For mac users: Go to finder , go to your user, click on library, open application support and find minecraft folder,there will be a saves folder, just drag the map into the saves folder.  For PC users: Type in your search bar, " %appdata% " ,go to your minecraft folder from there and drag the map into the saves)
-Have fun

Here's another New and Fun map that i would like to share with you guys!

The rules are simple:
1. Don't leave the Island.
2. Play on at least Normal difficulty.
3. No hacking.
4. Have fun !

Here is the link for the download Survival island

Here a few more survival island that i would love to share with you!

Version 1.0

This island is slightly smaller than 1.1 and has normal sized, naturally spawned ores. Good for beginners and peaceful mode builders.

Here is the link Version 1.0 survival island

Version 1.1

More challenging than Version 1.0. The land mass has increased by 20% and the initial starting ore sizes have been reduced. The optional resources (cactus, reed etc.) are still there, but they have been hidden below ground.

This version also includes 5 hidden bonus challenges not found in 1.0. If you don't care about playing the challenge, please disregard the signs.

Here is the link Version 1.1 survival island

If you have any questions, please leave a message to me @