Seeds are words or jumbles of words, numbers and symbols used to generate a new map. Whenever you create a new map, there will be 2 text boxes, one for naming your world, and the other for keying in the seed for the world. The seed is used to generate the world. If you don't key in a seed, the computer will put in some random numbers that makes no sense and use that random seed to generate the new world. 

Take note! If you misspell the seed, you will come up with a whole different map. And yes, the seeds are case-sensitive.

Here, we will post some epic seeds found on the internet! Enjoy!

Seed: Mojang

This seed has a buttload of diamonds and ores for you to mine.

x: 87,8 | y: 15,6 | z: 53

Diamonds. yay. Find up to 6 more a (90|11|55). But be careful, they are next to lava.

x: 82,7 | y: 15,9 | z: 37,3

You have to dig away some Stone for this but there is Diamonds and Gold and Coal. Amazing!

x: 104 | y: 11 | z: 49,9

A Diamond cube with 8 DIAMONDS.

x: 110 | y: 12 | z: 47

Lapis Lazuli, Coal and Redstone... This seed is full of ores.

Seed: Redstone
This map is full of stunning views and awesome mountains and cliffs.
x: 106 | y: 90 | z: 353

Whoa! Thats some nice hanging Cliff. You can get that single red flower with some mad climbing skills.

x: -6 | y: 66 | z: 10

There is lots of clay on a tiny half-island. We didn't find anything interesting so we had to do this as a location.

x: -6 | y: 66 | z: 10

If you dig straight down from the wood blocks you will find Redstone!

Seed: -1784338777788894343

This is it. Literally, it is the best seed I've ever seen. Hundreds of stunning views and epic canyons, waterfalls, you name it!
x: 25 | y: 66 | z: -23

The holy mountains from beneath.

x: 25 | y: 100 | z: -23

The holy mountains from the sky.

x: 68 | y: 94 | z: -4

This lovely Pumpkin on top of a tiny flying mountain looks like it was made by human, but its part of this seed!

Seed: Glacier

This seed is full of hanging cliffs and floating mountains.
x: 5,6 | y: 70 | z: 83

A giant flying mountain with a waterfall. Its almost like those holy mountains from Avatar!

x: 130 | y: 30 | z: 80

Gold. Nuf said. Also, follow the waterfall to find even more gold at (135 | 24 | 80) ! You can find this Location by entering the cave mentioned in Location 3.

x: 126 | y: 66 | z: 80

A cave with some Iron and a small dark path underground which leads you to a giant dungeon. Better bring some torches.

x: 21 | y: 9 | z: 128

8 Blocks of Lapis Lazuli and 4 Blocks of redstone - There is also Iron behind you.

Seed: gargamel
This seed spawns you in a pitch-black cave. Not very comfortable at first, but once you manage to get out of the cave, you will find yourself in a long valley with huge overhanging cliffs at both sides.
x: 79 | y: 86 | z: 10

There is one word that I had in mind when I saw this: Epic.

x: 0,5 | y: 66,6 | z: 0,5

Some of you may wonder why this is a Location. Its just a random cave just like every other. The point is, that this cave is your spawnpoint - and having an underground Spawnpoint is really rare, so this is a location now.

x: 62 | y: 131 | z: -39

Some trees that stopped growing at the top of the map.

x: -33 | y: 69 | z: 46

A lonely Pumpkin warming himself up at the lava lake.