Friday, April 29, 2011

The Survival Challenge!

My first challenge! Good luck!

The Survival Challenge

Objective: Survive!

  • Set your difficulty to Hard mode
  • Set your render distance to tiny/set your fog to the maximum
  • No iron tools even if you found iron ore. Stone and wooden tools are allowed.
  • No digging downwards and camping underground.
  • Every Minecraft night, you may make a temporary shelter.
  • Every Minecraft day, you must travel to another biome (Camping is not allowed. You can stay in a savanna biome on the first day, but you must move to another biome, e.g. desert biome, in order to continue with the challenge.)
  • Move North only (Follow the clouds movement)
  • Once you are dead, the challenge is over.

Any hacks or mods are prohibited in this challenge!

Leave your comment in this post if you have any questions

Tell us how many Minecraft days you have survived in the comments too!

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