Monday, May 2, 2011

New (Soon-to-be) Update!

Notch has announced a new item in the soon-to-be-released update, Minecraft Beta 1.6.

Excerpt from Notch's Blog, The Word of Notch.

"I’m currently working on 1.6, which will be mostly a bug fix update. I will be going through bug lists (including the great one on the Minecraft wiki) and fixing as many as I can. There’s no set date for the update yet as I don’t know how long it’ll take to go through the list.

The only new feature that will appear is the mapping.

When you craft a map, you will be able to somehow select how “zoomed in” you want the map to be. It will be centered on the location where you craft it, and it will fill in as you explore the land. If you go outside the edges of the map, it will stop updating, so each map is of a specific area. (like real maps!)

Cool! Notch has never failed to disappoint us with new, cool updates.

A screenshot of how a map looks like while you are holding it.

According to Notch, you will only be able to look at the map while it is selected and in your hands.

What Notch said:

"The map will kind of hide away when you’re looking straight forward. To see the map properly, you have to look down, thisly:"

If you modify the map (for example, blow a huge hole in the middle of the land), it will show up on the map.

Notch says that at the moment, these maps do not work in multiplayer.

"At the moment the map doesn’t work at all in multiplayer, but that’s my next task."

Read the full post here.

Mine on!

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